Tax Planning

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Today’s tax laws are so complicated that unless your financial affairs are extremely simple, chances are you will benefit from at least occasional help from a tax professional. It is too easy to overlook deductions and credits if you prepare only one return a year. Even the use of computer software is no substitute for the assistance of a seasoned tax preparer.

We prepare hundreds of tax returns every year. We know what to look for when your return is prepared. More importantly, you have someone to ask questions from during the rest of the year. And we will put you on our mailing list to receive timely tax and financial advice.


Tax Planning & Tax Return Filing

We use our expertise to assist the client in retaining the most income eligible under the current law.

We closely monitor all legislative changes that may affect your tax situations and guide you on best strategy to minimize your taxes. We will make sure that all required tax returns are filed on time and that all tax matters are dealt with.

Are tax planning and tax saving techniques just too complex to understand? We will explain to you in a language, you can understand.

Our Team of Experts can help you with:

Canadian Corporate Tax

All businesses are faced with the issue of operational taxes. How much you pay can be greatly influenced by your tax planning strategies. We recognize a number of potential tax planning opportunities that assist in increasing your bottom line while reducing your overall taxes. Whether your company needs advice on federal and provincial tax, employee and shareholder compensation, or financing structures, we can help.

We also provide specialized tax services in the scientific research and experimental development area. We work with you and your technical people to ensure your company is taking advantage of these lucrative tax incentives.

Personal taxes

We believe that all business owners should ensure their tax obligations are reduced. Our tax advisors specialize in both personal and corporate tax so that the tax positions are integrated and aligned. We provide tax planning and compliance services to ensure you meet your personal financial goals.

Our tax specialists also provide advice to corporations and their employees regarding expatriate foreign assignments. These services include tax consulting and planning, expatriate cost optimization, tax equalization computations, and tax compliance.

Indirect Taxes

It is important to your company’s future to take care of indirect tax matters, such as commodity tax, excise tax, provincial tax and custom tariffs. We help you minimize your indirect taxes and make sure these taxes are collected and remitted as required.

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